Hold That Door!

Can you believe another semester is half over? I can’t. There are days I walk around campus feeling that I’ve finally mastered the college life: my application for the Master of Arts in Teaching Program is chugging along, I’m living in an apartment in CNU Village with a beautiful view for sunsets, and I can point visitors on campus to (almost) anywhere they need to go. However, there are also days when I can’t quite figure out how to use the stacks in the back of the Trible Library, and I have been known to walk into the wrong classroom on the first day of classes (as an upperclassman, too!) But, mishaps like those make for fun stories to tell my suitemates when we’re all finally gathered back in the room for the night.

One thing I have noticed about my college life at CNU thus far is a pattern of honor among the students. Honor’s kind of a weird, heavy word to throw around, isn’t it? When I hear the topic of honor brought up, I start thinking of knights and all things medieval. How does honor translate over to CNU’s campus?

At CNU, there’s an unspoken tradition of holding doors open for people. I know that seems really simple, and hey, isn’t that something people do normally? Here at school, it becomes clear in a short period of time that our students think nothing of waiting a few extra seconds to keep a door open for a fellow student, professor, staff member or anyone who happens to behind them. It’s a tradition founded on honoring one another — a small act of service allowing you to put someone’s needs above your own. Yes, it may be awkward to wait with a door half-open as a stranger jogs to reach it, but it’s such a respectful thing to do. And, after living on this campus for a couple years, I’ve gotten used to our tradition. In fact, I’ll go off campus and unconsciously hold doors for people and then be surprised by the fact that they’re surprised! Wait, you mean not everyone goes to CNU and honors their fellow [wo]man?

Those are my thoughts on my favorite CNU tradition; I would LOVE to hear yours, so comment below this post! I can’t wait to share the rest of my junior year with you through this blog; my friends, it’s only up from here!

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