Being Busy Isn’t a Bad Thing


I thought I’d start my first post as a student blogger with a little introduction of myself. When someone asks me how I am (which is a lot, because I go to CNU, where it’s the norm to acknowledge people), I usually say good – then immediately follow it with, “but busy!”

However, being busy isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

If I’ve learned anything since being a student here, it’s that your time here is what you make it. I lucked out going to a school where it’s normal to be busy, because being busy means you’re involved and being involved means you’re making the most of your time here.

I am a junior this year and a sociology major with a psychology minor. People just interest me, what can I say? I am a resident assistant on East Campus, which means I live in one of the apartment buildings and serve as a resource for all the students living there. I am also a Greek life recruitment counselor. That means I’m involved in Greek life, but am currently disaffiliated so I can help women going through recruitment by providing a completely non-biased perspective. I have been disaffiliated since September and will be until after recruitment is over in January. I work in the Scheduling office and answer phones and emails and help people book rooms on campus. I am also now a student blogger – which I am super excited about!

All this being said, I don’t have a lot of free time on top of being a student. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I wouldn’t trade the friends I have made, the leadership positions I have gotten the opportunity to have, or the times up way too late because I procrastinated on yet another assignment because I was doing something else.

There really is something special about being at this school and really immersing yourself in all it has to offer. While some may look at a small school and see few opportunities, I look at it and see many. Opportunities to make a name for yourself, to branch out and to leave your comfort zone.

I could trade my involvement and positions for a life involving more Netflix, but until I find someone who sponsors me to lay in bed in fuzzy socks watching “New Girl,” I think I’ll stay just the way I am – good, but busy!

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