It’s Still A Captain’s Life For Me

Yes, I am officially that upperclassman casually telling freshmen that time flies, that college will be halfway over before you know it, and that those emails from Franklin Council are from just one person, not a secret CNU society.

With the advent of a new school year, I’ve felt more reflective than usual. And, as a junior, I’ve spent many hours just this year comparing my recent past with my looming future. What does this mean? Two short years ago, I was up to my shoulders in Welcome Week activities, first college classes and awkward hall bonding. Freshman year fall semester is definitely a growing time; high school seems so distant, yet acclimating to the university lifestyle is not instantaneous, either (at least, it wasn’t for me). Though it was tough at times to transition into a more self-disciplined homework schedule, life begins to even itself out. Some of my fondest memories at CNU so far come from the first couple months of freshman year, a time when everyone I met was a potential new friend and navigating academic buildings was an adventure.

Can I tell you one of the (many) things I love about CNU?

This place hasn’t lost its novelty and welcoming spirit.

I’m on my third year here, and I still meet new people (who sometimes become great friends) every day. The construction around campus amazes me; I love watching our gorgeous buildings being pieced together – honestly, I am REALLY excited for the new Christopher Newport Hall to be finished! Students still hold doors for each other, professors still learn my name, and the Regatta’s and Commons workers are still as friendly as ever.

I decided on CNU because of theĀ Master of Arts in TeachingĀ Program and beautiful campus; I’ve continued here because this school has mastered the art of progressing while retaining the values that drew me here in the first place.

I can’t wait to share my life as a Captain with you this year.