What would you do if you had extra time?

Personally, I would hammock in the trees behind Commons while catching up on the novels I have been struggling to get through this semester. Or, grab a friend or two and reminisce about all our awkward stories from freshman year (it makes me sound older when I say “freshman year” instead of “last year”).

But, seriously? What would you do?

Join a club you’ve always been interested in? Chat up a stranger in Einstein’s? Establish a nifty exercise routine? By the way, CNU’s gym offers all sorts of exercise classes, from yoga to Zumba to cycling, so there’s something to keep everyone active regardless of your level of expertise. Trust me, you can still have fun in a Zumba class even if you can’t dance. I can personally testify.

Would you grab lunch with an old classmate and catch up on where life has taken you both? Or, learn to play a musical instrument? ┬áVolunteer somewhere? Get a part-time job? I’m currently job searching for the summer, and it’s got to be one of my least favorite activities. This whole “growing up” thing is not as easy as the movies portrayed it to be.

Maybe you would learn a foreign language. Or, maybe you would adopt a pet. Road trip the state of Virginia (there’s actually quite a lot to see here). The possibilities are vast!

A wise man (aka my father) once told me: “There’s always time to do the things you want to do.” That’s absolutely true. If something is important to you, it’ll get done. And if it’s not, it won’t cross your radar. So, if an idea has been sitting in the back of your mind for a while, make some time for it. Shift your schedule. Make new plans. Immerse yourself in what’s important. You can do it!

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