The Only 5 Study Spots You’ll Ever Need

Classes officially ended today, meaning final exams start tomorrow! If you’re rowing in the same boat I am, you are probably looking at many more hours of studying before being able to welcome summer in all its glory. In which case, you need a list (of course) of possible study spots around campus! So, read through the following and see if any catch your fancy.

1. Your own room. This is a go-to for me, mostly because I don’t like packing up all my study materials and moving them across campus. If you find it easy to stay focused and on-task while still in your room, it’s a great study spot! Just don’t let your study break nap turn into a four-hour coma (speaking from personal experience).

2. The Trible Library. I actually don’t use the library much, in fact, I even blogged earlier about my library apprehensions! However, I know tons of people who love holing up in the back of the library near the stacks, spreading out in a silent study room or inviting friends from class to hold a study group in one of the couch rooms.

3. Einstein’s. This one is tricky. You have to plan your studying during a time when the crowds and noise have died down. I’ve found that to be in the mid- to late afternoon, right before dinner. Plus, there’s a sweet little table situated by a window that gives you a beautiful view of the chapel and the fancy entrance to CNU, if you need to daydream for a little bit to break up your cramming.

4. Hammocking trees outside Commons. You’ve probably noticed this area – a close cluster of trees towering over a ground blanketed by pine needles. If you have a hammock (or a friend with a hammock) and you like being outside, this is a great spot to review notes for a few hours. Unfortunately, it is easy to get distracted by fellow Captains playing Frisbee or walking their adorable puppies.

5. Second floor of the DSU. Any time besides lunch or dinner, the DSU is almost completely quiet. The second floor is littered with comfy chairs and couches, providing you with many options for setting up shop. And, the Chick-fil-A Express is right downstairs! That lemonade is a great study snack.

Keep exploring campus and finding study nooks of your own! There are quite a few places to get work done, inside or outside. Enjoy the last six days of the semester!

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