The Final Bow

Here it is. The last week. As the clock ticks faster and faster, I become more aware of the world around me. I never noticed how precisely the tulips were planted in front of the Chapel, I realized I have taken for granted how comforting the theater hallway is, just like visiting an old friend. I still dread the flights of stairs in McMurran that seem to burn your thigh muscles regardless of being in shape or not, and I sit in Einstein’s looking at the students and professors flying in and out, grabbing coffee, stopping for a chat, skimming through notes and realize: this is it.

Now, I am both a lover and a hater of change – I am ready for the next phase in my life, without a doubt, yet I didn’t think I would be this nostalgic and, quite frankly, sad to be leaving CNU. I’m always looking forward, asking what’s next, and now I am pausing to reflect and realize how much I have established myself as an individual on this campus and it was these professors and students that molded me into the woman I am today. I feel blessed. I feel thankful. I would like to thank Theater Professor Dr. Grace Godwin, Dr. Sean Connable of the Communication Department and English Professor Dr. Scott Pollard for making the biggest impacts on both my life and my academic career, for pushing me to be a better student and a better person, for believing in me even when I doubted myself. The growth and promise of Christopher Newport University is astounding and any student should know to take advantage of the faculty, who truly care, and work to take control of their own future. Do not be passive, do not say “maybe later.” This is your one shot at college (unless you do want to do it twice – I get it) so do not let it pass you by. Say more “yes” and less “no.” Ask more questions rather than remaining silent. Go to others rather than letting them come to you. You’re at CNU, you’re ready to make a difference.

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