Packing Dilemmas.

The end is near! There’s just a little over a week separating me from summer break … although that week is full of finals and speeches and stress. But, that’s OK. We’re almost done.

The last week of school is bittersweet — bitter because you’re nearing the end of time with school friends, but sweet because the schoolwork is FINALLY coming to an end. There’s a quiet feel around campus; it’s like the final breath at the end of the race.

One of my favorite things about moving back home is packing up boxes. Call me an organizing freak, but I love filling boxes with just the perfect, balanced amount of junk from my room. I’ve learned that you can put a lot more in a box than first imagined, but I’ve also learned that it’s not smart to pack a box so heavy you can’t carry it across campus to your car. (That was me, freshman year. Struggling to heave a 40-pound box from York River East all the way to the parking lot next to Warwick River). But, that box was packed extremely well, if I do say so myself.

It’s a little bit like playing a game of Tetris. How many picture frames and pillows can fit in one box? The possibilities are endless. Mostly endless. Unfortunately, I can spend hours rearranging boxes and folding and refolding clothes and completely forget about, you know, studying, finishing papers, getting real work done. Besides, it takes so long to pack your room away anyway, it’s bound to eat into your final-studying time. That is, if you like packing things like I do. It’s not for everyone.

So, if you see me around campus, make sure I’m focusing on my schoolwork as well as packing up my life here. They’re both important, but I want to be fully present while I’m still here. Completely engaged, and finishing strong. And, packing sporadically.

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