Worth a Thousand Words

Perhaps this blog serves more as a word of caution than a story, more of a reminder than a snapshot of life at CNU, but I feel it is very important (especially as our new class of 2018 will be arriving in a few short months) that I stress the issue of social media. Or rather – what you put on your social media. Believe me, I understand the fun of posting pictures and writing sarcastic tweets, but they do all come at a price. Countless times I have seen pictures that … well, to be frank, I honestly wish I hadn’t seen … and posted for the whole world to see! If you are participating in any questionable activity (or if people are doing so around you and you’re in the background), even if it could be interpreted as “questionable” – DO NOT POST IT. And yes, before you think you’re “private” or “hidden” that may be true so that other people cannot see, but that doesn’t mean companies cannot find ways around these privacy settings. And yes again, I do realize that that can be taken as a violation of “freedom of speech” or “personal rights” but, people, this is the world we live in today, I do not think that a picture of you, while humorous or attractive, is really worth potentially losing a job or admission into a school/program.

I have seen highly respected individuals lose positions or even tarnish their reputations because of photos. I admit, I am that girl where if there is a picture that I feel doesn’t reflect my values and I’m in the background – I will ask the person to take it down. Maybe that makes me a worrywart or overly cautious or even annoying, but your reputation stays with you during your four years of college and beyond; it will change, of course, but your overall “essence” remains the same. Typically. Thus, you should preserve it at all costs. Schools and companies do examine your social-media life, some more than others, but please be smart about what you share! A few dozen “likes” just isn’t worth it.

*off soapbox*

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