The SuiteLife

I am so incredibly thankful for the best friends CNU has brought into my life. Without this college experience, there is no way I would have met many people outside of my little 757 bubble. I know, this is a sappy beginning to a probably sappy post, but hang with me!

If not for CNU, I wouldn’t currently be living with the three girls I live with now. (Duh … but I promise I’m getting somewhere!) Our room has such a complex mixture of talents and personalities, it blows my mind. For example, my roommate is a biology major, and I’m an English major – that’s almost as different as it gets. And, she’s a sweet freestyler (she can dance like no other), and I have the rhythm of a baby rhino. However, we’re both local to the Hampton Roads area, so you could say we understand each other on that 757 level. As for my suitemates, they are both from Richmond, and one is a biology major while the other is a social work major. The social work major happens to be a fantastic tap dancer, while the other biology major has an incredible knack for braiding hair and painting gorgeous pictures. We’re all varying degrees of outgoing, creative and sarcastic, and living together has worked perfectly for us.

Living with strangers may seem no bueno, but it’s been one of the most rewarding aspects of my life thus far. How else can one learn to adapt to differing personalities and viewpoints unless one starts doing life with someone unknown? However, make sure you live with people who hold the same core beliefs as you. Let the basics remain solid and then allow everything that builds on top to vary richly – you’ll discover some best friends, I promise.

And, by best friends I mean someone who sneaks into your room while you’re gone to Saran wrap your pillow or someone who tolerates you eating loud, crunchy Panera chips after midnight.

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