Sun’s Out! Now, Where to Sit.

Okay, so we’ve had quite a few ups and downs in terms of weather over the last few weeks. It’s the bitterest form of mockery: one day that effulgent, yellow sun is shining gloriously over the campus, and the next day heavy rain and wind force us back into jackets and gloves. Even my allergies are finding it difficult to distinguish winter from spring!

But when the sun does decide to show its rays on a lovely warm day, you can bet that students will be out in troves, relaxing on blankets on the Great Lawn, playing Frisbee, and donning all kinds of spring wear from colorful tank tops to worn-in flip-flops. Which leaves us with a very important question: when the Great Lawn fills to capacity, where’s a student to go? Luckily for you, I’ve put together a list of secret and not-so-secret places you can go to catch some rays without fighting for space.

The lawn between Warwick River and Luter Hall. It’s right next to the Great Lawn and yet I haven’t seen but a few students sitting there, towels and books in hand. An added bonus? If basking in full-out sunshine isn’t your cup of tea, there’s plenty of shade to lay under courtesy of the large, lofty trees.

The courtyard outside the Freeman Center. Whenever I walk past the outside patio space in the Freeman, I never ever see anyone sitting at the chairs and tables. Sure, aesthetically it’s not the most pleasing spot for your eyes, but it’s quiet enough and when the sun’s out, there are plenty of rays to go around!

The Lion’s Gate Bridge. If you have a car on campus or have a penchant for long walks, the Lion’s Gate Bridge is the perfect secluded spot away from main campus with surrounding views of the water. You might not want to take a trip, however, if you have piles of reading and homework to do. The rippling sounds of water, the gentle warmth on your face, and cool lingering breezes are definite prescriptions for not being motivated.

The secret garden in the Ferguson. The first time I went to the secret garden in the Ferguson, my professor had led our class down the hallways and to a glass door that opened up into the most fantastic little spot, complete with swings and blooming flowers. If you can find it (and there’s the caveat!), the secret garden is a great spot to crank out some reading while absorbing your daily dose of vitamin D.

Do you have any special spots you go to when the sun comes out? Let us know on Twitter @CNUstudents!

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