Worth a Thousand Words

Perhaps this blog serves more as a word of caution than a story, more of a reminder than a snapshot of life at CNU, but I feel it is very important (especially as our new class of 2018 will be arriving in a few short months) that I stress the issue of social media. Or rather – what you put on your social media. Believe me, I understand the fun of posting pictures and writing sarcastic tweets, but they do all come at a price. Countless times I have seen pictures that … well, to be frank, I honestly wish I hadn’t seen … and posted for the whole world to see! If you are participating in any questionable activity (or if people are doing so around you and you’re in the background), even if it could be interpreted as “questionable” – DO NOT POST IT. And yes, before you think you’re “private” or “hidden” that may be true so that other people cannot see, but that doesn’t mean companies cannot find ways around these privacy settings. And yes again, I do realize that that can be taken as a violation of “freedom of speech” or “personal rights” but, people, this is the world we live in today, I do not think that a picture of you, while humorous or attractive, is really worth potentially losing a job or admission into a school/program.

I have seen highly respected individuals lose positions or even tarnish their reputations because of photos. I admit, I am that girl where if there is a picture that I feel doesn’t reflect my values and I’m in the background – I will ask the person to take it down. Maybe that makes me a worrywart or overly cautious or even annoying, but your reputation stays with you during your four years of college and beyond; it will change, of course, but your overall “essence” remains the same. Typically. Thus, you should preserve it at all costs. Schools and companies do examine your social-media life, some more than others, but please be smart about what you share! A few dozen “likes” just isn’t worth it.

*off soapbox*

What’s On the Menu?

I’m not afraid to admit this. One of my CNU bucket-list items was to make a list of all the foods I hadn’t tried before and eat them before graduation. I’m a food lover, what can I say? My journey is almost complete—I still have to get a milkshake—but until then, I decided to give you a report of the things I liked most, and will probably go back for seconds and thirds.

Einstein’s Bagel Sandwich 

Uh, yum. Seriously, yum—like Rachel Ray “yum-o” yum. Everyone I’ve ever talked to about the bagel sandwiches at Einstein’s have either stared at me incredulously or told me I was crazy for not having tried them yet. I’m a pretty picky sandwich-eater, however. Not in the I-won’t-eat-this-this-or-that sense, but in that I like a good sandwich and will get upset if it does not meet my expectations. This bagel sandwich fully exceeded that, mostly because of the delicious bistro sauce and the fact that they don’t skimp on the turkey, ham or whatever. You want the most full for your buck? The bagel sandwich is the way to go.

The Cookies at Chick-fil-A 

Everyone always raves about the cookies in Regatta’s, but have you ever tried one of the delicious sugar cookies at Chick-fil-A? Super soft and probably too big for your own good (but who cares about that, right?), these cookies are a super pick-me-up for any sweet tooth sufferer.


Two amazing things happened to my dining experience during my sophomore year: sushi Fridays (and the consequent stuffing of all the sushi I could get in my to-go box) and the introduction of sushi rolls on sale everywhere from Einstein’s to the Discovery Café. If you’re ever looking for a quick fix to eat while on the go, sushi at CNU is one of your best bets. Although the rice can be a little too sticky for my taste sometimes, the wide variety of selection and college budget-friendly prices are all reasons to eat happy. My personal favorite? The spicy crab rolls!

Pizza at the Discovery Cafe

There is nothing better than a good, greasy pizza once in a while. People always get so uppity about caviar and white truffles, but I think the best foods are often the most simple ones if they’re done right. I’ve really come to love the pizza at the Discovery Café whenever I’m on the run and haven’t got 30 minutes to sit down and eat. The crust is never soggy, which is a major plus for me. You can grab a slice for no more than $2, or order a whole pizza for a little more!