Library Woes

I’m an English major. And, I have a confession.

I hate doing work in the library.

There. I said it. I don’t like studying in the Trible Library.

Don’t get me wrong, I love libraries. I love getting to spend a couple of hours rummaging around for the perfect new book(s) to read. BUT, I pretty much despise having to turn my sweet library full of classic British lit into a research and studying dungeon.

OK, so maybe I just don’t like doing schoolwork in a library.

Regardless, I find it extremely difficult to get work done in the Trible Library. For one thing, if I want to study there, I have to pack up my entire life and move in (it’s tough to carry a backpack full of books and a computer, and a snack, and a water bottle, and a blanket, pillow, and toothbrush across campus). Then, once I’m finally settled in there, I’ve typically left something integral to any work getting done behind in my room. Meaning I have to pack my entire life up AGAIN and trudge back to get the calculator or psychology notes. If on the off-chance I manage to bring everything I need to the library, I still have to find a good spot in which to study. I can be indecisive about things like that, and it has often resulted in me circling around the study rooms like a vulture. And, if a miracle happens, and I bring all necessary items and find somewhere to settle down, I still have to deal with the fact that people often talk a lot louder in the library than they are supposed to. This, of course, means I can’t focus, and then my entire journey to the library is a waste.

I am unfortunately one of those people who can’t listen to music and study at the same time, and I also don’t like the idea of a silent study room. I need some kind of ideal middle ground, and so for that reason, I do almost all of my studying and homework in the comfort of my own room.

Even though I personally haven’t been able to use the library part of the Trible Library much, it still has been incredibly helpful to me in other ways. For example, the library has a 24-hour room with computers and printer, and it’s open (you guessed it) all day and all night. So, when I finish a paper super late at night and need to have it printed for an early morning class the next day, it is so comforting to know there is a printer available. I also like that room because the IT Services Help Desk is located there; the students who man the desk are incredibly knowledgeable about computer issues, and they’re usually really friendly!

The librarians are another definite asset I have come across. They know how the online journal databases work like the backs of their hands, and they are more than excited to help students navigate finding research material. I recently went to one of the librarians with what I thought was an impossible research topic; I walked out of the library 45 minutes later with two printed articles in my hand and at least seven more sitting in my email inbox. Our librarians are clearly passionate about assisting students.

And, I’d have to say my favorite part of the library is Einstein’s. Yes, I know it’s not where I get my research and homework done most of the time, but hey! A girl has got to have somewhere to go to get her mind off an English essay, and Einstein’s is the perfect place for a study break. Whether you want to grab a cappuccino with a friend or simply sit back and people-watch, stopping by Einstein’s is always a good decision. Plus, their bagel sandwiches are heavenly.

So there you have it. I may tend to use our library  a bit unconventionally, but it’s still been an extreme help to me. When finals week comes around, you won’t find me sequestered in the back study rooms, camping out with piles of textbooks and Mountain Dew. But, you are almost guaranteed to see me printing out one last study guide and sipping a freshly made mocha frappuccino before scurrying off to class. And, that’s just the way I’d like it to be!

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