Tina and Amy … who?

Christopher Newport University is filled with clubs ranging from Habitat for Humanity to Socrates’ Café. The latest member of this dynamic family will be giving Tina Fey and Amy Poehler a run for their money … Presenting CNU Women’s Rugby!!!

No, it’s not an actual women’s rugby team, but it sure grabs your attention, doesn’t it? Founders Maddie Hollyfield and Krista Catalfamo created this female sketch/improv group to give a voice to women comedians and actors. When asked what pushed this creation, Maddie stated that: “we wanted an outlet for women. Comedy is traditionally a boys club, despite the strides female comics have made, and at CNU it’s no different. Yeah, there are a few girls involved in the other troupes but we wanted that one great team of girls: bold, funny, witty women.” Of course, the other groups like CNU Tonight and Initiative are both student-run organizations focusing on performance; CNU Tonight pays homage to Saturday Night Live while Initiative serves as a creative outlet for aspiring actors, directors and playwrights. What makes CNU Women’s Rugby different is beyond being an all-girl group, but rather the push for women making their mark on campus as performers and students aware of the world around them. As Maddie states, “there’s something for everyone on our team, which will hopefully appeal to a wide group of girls.”

So why the name? Because “female rugby players are amazing. All female athletes [are]; [they’re] strong women making their mark by doing what they love. That’s who we are!” Meetings are every other Sunday and the group is advised by Theater Professor, Tanya Sweet. Many of the women of the organization, although still in its early stages, are clever and brave girls who are yearning to make their voices heard. I’ve had the pleasure of having classes and performing in shows with most of these girls and I can honestly say that I’ve never been more excited to see these great performances that will be changing CNU’s campus. Keep an eye out, Captains, for this new innovative group that is sure to keep you rolling with laughter and leave you thinking hours after the performance. CNU Women’s Rugby’s first performance is scheduled the weekend after spring break and they are sure to amaze.

CNU Women’s Rugby: All of the Estrogen. None of the Drama. Pure Comedy.

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