Seeking the Unknown

Faith. Spirituality. Religion. Whatever you want to call it, the search for meaning/belief (or lack thereof) in a higher power tends to shift once you hit college. For some, this means completely changing their childhood beliefs while others solidify what they have always known. Religion is a difficult topic. From all ends of the spectrum, people have varying opinions, each rightly deserved and rightly expressed. Perhaps due to the extreme emotional roller coaster that everyone rides during college, religion comes into play one time or another.

First off – I recommend taking a religions course at CNU; from Western to Eastern, the Bible to the Lotus Sutra, self-discovery as expressed through religion is only truly possible through the quest of the unknown. Religion can bring comfort and religion can divide. Of the faith-based organizations at CNU, many of them are Christian-based. I feel there’s a need to grow and expand beyond this, covering a greater diversity and allowing more voices. How can we be expected to be well-rounded and opinionated adults if we don’t question the things we are passionate about?

As my current director of TheaterCNU’s production of “The Odd Couple – Female Version,” Matt Singletary, has profoundly remarked, “if you don’t question, you can’t learn.” Many organizations are created every school year, and as CNU continues to grow and expand, I implore you to add to this school and spread some religious diversity. Regardless of whether you practice or not, college gives you a safe place to explore your faith, so why not take advantage of it? Leave your mark. Make an impact … after all, we all connect somehow – ask how.

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