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The Captains’ Log, “The Voice of CNU Students” is always filled with current events both on and off campus, as well as a deeper insight within the student body themselves. Lifestyle editor, Stephanie Alexander, a veteran journalist with the paper, sat down with me and revealed the ins and outs of the student newspaper.

CC – What makes The Captain’s Log special?
SA – Although people say that journalism is dying out, it’s really not: it’s just changing, it’s all going digital. The Captain’s Log is the only medium on campus (catering to current students) that harnesses the journalism skills we learn while on the job.

CC – The most unique feature?
SA – The most unique feature is definitely the staff. Every single person on that staff is over-the-top dedicated. We all get along. We all do our job, and we (like to think) do it well. It’s amazing what the new editor-in-chief, Sally Grace Holtgrieve, has been able to do this semester with the paper. We wouldn’t be where we are this year if it weren’t for her.

CC – How often do the papers come out?
SA – Papers come out every Wednesday. We do layout every Monday and Tuesday. The paper has to be sent to the printer by 6 p.m.

CC – Every “hangout” area for groups is different, like for TheaterCNU it’s the theater hallway – what’s the spot for the CLOG like?
SA – The newsroom is great. It’s honestly our hangout spot. Our sports editor, Ben, sleeps in there sometimes because he’s up all night working on the layout; he sleeps on a bed of old newspaper. It’s busiest on Mondays when we are all doing layout, but we’ve got a microwave and a fridge so it’s like a mini apartment. I go up there all the time to do homework.

CC – What made you want to work on the paper?
SA – I guess I wanted to be on the paper because I wanted to write. So, I talked to Dr. Lee [Terry Lee, faculty adviser] in spring 2012, and he said The Captain’s Log was hiring editors. So I thought, why not? I applied for arts and entertainment, and Darryl Fetz interviewed me and two weeks later hired me as lifestyle editor. I started that summer, and I love it so much. I do write, but my favorite part of being an editor is layout. I love design and getting creative every week. This week’s layout is actually my favorite that I’ve ever done.

Stephanie’s articles are always intriguing and humorous, with an appealing layout to match the content. Be sure to grab a copy of this weeks paper or check it out online!

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