5 Reasons Why Snow Days Really Are the Best

If you thought snow days were fun in high school, just wait until you get one or two (or three, in my case) in college. It’s a spectacularly new ball game. While snow days in high school were always welcomed, having classes canceled due to wintry conditions while you’re in college is at least 2.4 times better. Why, you ask?

1. It gives you extra time to complete assignments and readings. And, because of how classes are set up by Monday/Wednesday/Friday and Tuesday/Thursday, if a Wednesday class is canceled, you get a three-day, mini stay-cation. During which, you will have plenty of time to finish that paper you had planned to pull an all-nighter to finish.

2. Your sleeping time increases exponentially. Whether you choose to sleep in, nap during the day, go to bed early or some wonderful combination of all three, snow days give you an opportunity to rest and recharge before diving back into the ocean that is education.

3. There is snow, and it is pretty. I know this is blatantly obvious, but hear me out. I’m not even a fan of snow, and I still got excited when those fluffy flakes began falling outside our suite’s window. CNU’s campus is gorgeous, especially when it’s covered in sparkling white. Personally, I think all the red brick sets off the snow perfectly.

4. You live within walking distance of all your friends, so you won’t have to have snowball fights by yourself. While this most recent snow wasn’t too conducive to snowball-making, my friends and I still enjoyed our day off by pelting each other with deformed ice chunks, climbing tiny snow drifts and attempting to make snow angels. Also, CNU’s Great Lawn is a perfect place to build a snowman – there’s enough fluffy stuff to assemble numerous snowpeople there.

5. It’s the ideal time to kick back and relax. Whether this means watching movies with your roommate, trekking to the nearby Panera for a warm dinner or playing board games with hallmates into the wee hours of the morning, a snow day provides you with almost endless opportunities.

Yes, winter can get boring quickly. Yes, it’s less than fun to walk to classes in sub-freezing weather. Yes, I am already daydreaming about summer days spent at the beach. But, just when winter seems at its worst, a snow day or two (or three) can swoop in to save the day (week?). Snow-mageddon, I welcome you with open arms.

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