London Calling

ShakespearePosterGeneral14An important part of college is pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and growing both as a scholar and an individual. A great way to excel is to study abroad. However, for some, an entire semester abroad is either impossible due to a specific need of classes on campus or personal decisions to remain closer to home. Keeping this in mind, CNU offers summer programs linked with other universities to allow students to have the study abroad experience (i.e., meet other students from different schools, live in another country, experience an entirely new culture, etc.) in a shorter amount of time. One such class is being offered this summer by one of the greatest professors I have ever had: Dr. Grace Godwin.

To begin, Dr. Godwin is one of those professors who cultivates her classes to be relatable to students. For example, when discussing some prominent British stage actors, she tells us which Harry Potter character they portrayed in the films (you’d be surprised how many there are …). She is extraordinarily witty and funny with a sharp mind and an extreme willingness to assist her students. Regardless of major, her theater history classes are welcomed by all students due to her hands on projects and interactive lectures.

This summer, Dr. Godwin is teaching “Shakespeare in London*” which, although may appeal primarily to English and theater majors, is accessible to any student. Dr. Godwin remarked that she’s “actually had a great time with science majors taking the course as a liberal learning requirement. The idea is to make the most of being in London; instead of reading Shakespeare’s plays, we see them live – usually 8-10 plays each year.” This study abroad class is very experimental with less focus on traditional lecturing and more time spent on exploring the sites which range from theatre tours to museum visits to performances at the Globe Theatre.

While staying on the University of London campus, students are given the same amenities that are found at CNU. Exploring London with a brilliant professor is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity – you get credit for seeing theater! How amazing is that! A few summers ago while studying abroad at Oxford, I met up with Dr. Godwin while she was teaching one of these classes. Before we grabbed dinner, I saw some of her students talking with her about the project they were working on and they were truly excited to be working in such an experimental way that included exploring London on their own time.

I honestly cannot sing enough of Dr. Godwin’s praises, as she is completely a revolutionary professor. And her knowledge for Shakespeare and his contemporaries is infinite. CNU is such a remarkable university because of these amazing educators who think outside of the box and make education an amazing process for each student. Within our four years at college, we are given opportunities that are rarely accessible after graduation, thus, I think it is EXTREMELY important that while at CNU, every student takes these opportunities presented, push themselves above and beyond what they ever thought possible, and get to know the fantastic professors – you’ll be glad you did.

*If interested in partaking in this program, please visit the link above or email Dr. Godwin at

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