Where the Studying Begins

As the pressure of finals grows, you may find yourself asking “WHERE CAN I STUDY?” Have no fear — I shall keep this short and sweet (yeah, I have papers to write and study guides to make, too …) We all know that the Trib Lib is jam-packed at this time of year so here’s a list of five other sites to explore:

1. Luter Hall – Strangely quiet, the halls of Luter are filled with cushy chairs and couches, just waiting for you to nestle in and grab that O Chem study guide
2. Upstairs DSU – If you need a little background noise to keep you going, check out the second and third floor of the David Student Union. You’ll find many tables and couches along with computers available for anyone to use!
3. McMurran Hall – Empty classroom? Endless space? I rest my case.
4. Schooners – If you’re looking to get off campus and out of your room, the service at Schooners is fantastic! They’re very laid back and will let you grab a table in the back, order a pizza and write your 12-page paper on Shakespeare’s Sonnets.
5. Panera – Just a few buildings down from Schooners, Panera is the ideal studying place with secluded booths and a calming atmosphere. If you don’t want a waiter to keep checking in on you but the thought of endless refills excite you, study at Panera. Your caffeine addiction will thank you.

We all know finals are challenging, but it’s all about time management and the ability to sit down and focus! Finding the ideal study spot may sound silly to some, but being able to get comfortable and “in the zone” is crucial to a successful finals week.

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