9 Ways to Know That the Holidays are Just Around the Corner*

1. Argument as to whether or not Christmas music is being played too early: Halloween is over? CHRISTMAS CAROLS. (Via all your favorite radio stations, at least now you can find some new stations?)
2. Ignoring Thanksgiving: Honestly, this breaks my heart – unfortunately Thanksgiving has just been transformed into that day off before you blow all your money on Black Friday sales … maybe this year we can all take time and enjoy turkey day for what it is and let Christmas have its time later on!
3. Overflowing laundry baskets waiting to be taken home: After Halloween, time speeds up at an alarming rate. Before you know it, you only have those old pair of jeans and sweatpants to wear to class and that pile of laundry has taken over more than half of the room. It’s just easier to do it at home, right?
4. Gingerbread lattes: Hi, Starbucks. We all missed your holiday coffee cups.
5. Hollydazzle: Newport News knows how to bring joy and good cheer to its citizens and CNU students. People from all parts of the city come to City Center to see the tree-lighting ceremony and enjoy holiday music and entertainment.
6. Stress of finals/crowded library: “There are this many students on campus? Where did they all come from?!” Moving between the slumped over students on the couches to the freshmen trying to get through their first week of finals, you find yourself wedged between two people you’ve never spoken to – don’t worry, we’re all in this together. (Hey that stranger to your right is in your biology class!)
7. Pinterest overload: Continuing with the idea of the library, you notice that the majority of computer screens aren’t on Microsoft Word but rather Pinterest Christmas boards guaranteed to have the perfect present for your mom and Aunt Linda.
8. Regatta’s Christmas Meal: Miss Linda joyfully handing out candy canes as you make your way past Santa’s mashed potatoes and grab some of Mrs. Claus’ cookies. You won’t be able to eat for a month … sugar coma.
9. Tacky Christmas Sweater Parties: Every organization on campus all has the same great idea – gathering, eating and looking “fabulous.” Of course, the only way to look fabulous during the holidays is to wear a tacky sweater, courtesy of Village Thrift.

*(if four or more of these apply to your life, then yes, start sending out your holiday cards)

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