Winter is Coming, Maybe—Surviving Virginia Weather

There’s nothing quite like waking up to sunny skies and warm breezes in the middle of—October? Even if you’ve lived in Virginia since you were crawling around in diapers, the famous oscillating weather around CNU takes a little getting used to. Thankfully for this little place called Einstein’s, CNU has you covered when it comes to all sorts of weather (If you happen to visit our campus during the fall, be sure to try the delicious caramel apple cider). But just in case, I’ve compiled a couple quick tips from my own experiences about surviving Hampton Roads weather.

1. Hop Off of My Bed, Check the Weather Forecast

  • Your phone has never been a better friend to you when it comes to the weather. Save yourself from freezing in Forbes or sweating down your back as you cross the Great Lawn, and always check the weather forecast before you begin your day.

2. When in Doubt Wear Rain Boots

  • There’s an old CNU adage (not officially, at least) that when it rains, it pours. During my freshmen year, it once rained so profusely that the water came up to the middle of my shins! Thankfully for my trusty pair of rain boots, my socks and toes stayed dry. Ask any CNU Captain, and they’ll tell you the necessity of having rain boots.

3. Coughs, Sinuses and Watery Eyes, oh my!

  • Changes in the weather are no fun for your health, especially if it keeps flip-flopping between total humidity and frigidity. To keep sicknesses at bay, stay hydrated, pop some Vitamin-C and always get a good night’s sleep.

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