We Are Family

I struggled with this title because I didn’t want to make it seem that the college experience is all about warm fuzzy feelings. There is a ton of hard work that goes into being a successful student, friend and community member in any university you attend. But the absolute, uncontestable greatest thing about going to CNU is, in fact, becoming a member of a second family.

Different students will have different stories about where they found their campus families. One of the most obvious examples of newfound families are sororities and fraternities. Since I’m not part of Greek Life, I spoke to my friend, Kristen, about her experiences as a family member of her sorority.

Although Kristen wasn’t initially interested in Greek Life when touring around campus for the first time, once she started attending CNU she told me she immediately realized that Greeks were the most involved, spirited, academic, friendly and philanthropic students and instantly wanted to become a sister. Not only do she and her Alpha Phi sisters try to make differences in the community, but the fact that they shared common bonds, goals and values made there even more to love. When I asked her what she thought of her sorority as being a form of family, she brought up the sisters she lives with in Rappahannock Hall. “We are one big, diverse family and never have a dull moment,” she said. “Each day I am reminded how absolutely lucky I am to build that kind of relationship with them … my sisters are my rock, my inspiration.”

If Greek Life isn’t for you, no fear: there are plenty of student clubs, service organizations and intramural groups you can try out to find people with similar interests as you!

But the CNU family doesn’t just stop at the boundary of your roommates and immediate friends; so many Captains will tell you how proud they are to go to a school where kindness can be found among strangers. I remember having a particularly woeful day a few years ago, and it might’ve showed, because a random CNU Captain came up to me in the library and asked if I was all right. And then last week, a girl I only know through mutual friends came up to me in Regattas and told me to have a fantastic day!

These aren’t isolated cases, folks. Once you become a Captain, kindness, smiles and opened doors are just expected from everyone you meet along the way. So, I guess it is true: we are family.

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