Something Wickedly Awesome This Way Comes…

As I write this during the witching hour, I find it only appropriate that this post relate to Halloween, and CNU, of course. CNU never fails to disappoint during any form of holiday, be it Halloween or even March Madness (yes, there’s a themed meal, thanks CNU Dining!) and the faculty continues to incorporate holidays into their lesson plans and extracurricular activities. For this spooky time of year, the Trible Library and the medieval and renaissance studies minor is hosting the CNU Shakespeare Festival: Macbeth. For three nights next week, three films will be shown depicting different directors’ interpretations on Shakespeare’s quintessential tragedy of murder, psychological and political turmoil, and yes, witches. Afterwards a panel will ┬ádiscuss the films, covering dark subjects like demonology and witchcraft/stagecraft of Macbeth. The actual history of witches (real, stage or just your next-door neighbor) is both fascinating and can actually be used in a multitude of classes.

Professors Grace Godwin and Sharon Rowley are key faculty members, both in this event and this scholarly program, along with Lori Underwood, Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities, and History Professor Amanda Herbert. These faculty members will be personally hosting a “Witches of Macbeth Costume Contest” because we all clearly need as many opportunities as we can to dress up for Halloween (not a joke, serious college business, I tell you!). I have had the pleasures of having both Dr. Godwin and Dr. Rowley for classes in both my theater and English majors, and I can say with extreme confidence that both of these women are terrifying (in their knowledge of Shakespeare and beyond!) and are wonderful professors who take their craft very seriously. They enjoy teaching the complexities and wonders of Shakespeare, especially in bringing his words out of a textbook and onto the stage.

Festivals such as this convey how diverse and exciting this campus is: ranging from students who are interested in a little bit of everything, obsessed with one thing or ready to see what the world of academia has to offer. I hope everyone has a wonderfully frightening (and safe!) Halloween and to see many students donning their greatest interpretations of the Weird Sisters.

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