When I began to write this entry, I wondered what would be the best approach to this sensitive topic. It is one that many of us deal with on a regular basis. This issue usually springs from past experiences, words, comparisons, social media, etc. Many of us try to hide the fact that we battle with self-confidence to the point that it strikes when least expected. But self-confidence doesn’t have to be an issue, it can be transformed into a virtue.

I used to battle with self-confidence on a regular basis. I would dress how I was told to, and act according to everyone else’s judgments and expectations. I was being true to others’ definition of who I should be, but I was not being true to myself. I later realized that I am the only one who can live my life. I am the only one who is qualified to be me. That’s when self-confidence went from being an issue to a virtue; it went from working against me, to working for me.

The battle against self-confidence can be won, it just takes some time and effort. You can start with complimenting yourself. Tell yourself that you are a beautiful person, and that you are intelligent. This summer I went to a concert where various artists performed. One of the performers told the audience to stand and repeat this melody: “I look good (music plays). I look good (repeat).”  I tried it and it worked tremendously; it gave me a much-needed boost. Those words became words of encouragement, and my self-confidence began to grow. I believed I looked good, and that in turn made me feel incredible. Always remember that you are the only one who is qualified to be you. Be who you want to be and be what makes you happy.

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