Return From Fall Break

Fall break is about the best thing that can happen to you as a Captain freshman. Coming home to CNU is like a revival of life itself. Before fall break you will be stressed by the pounding of text into your ears and the scratches of pencil setting off your nerves. If you aren’t, you probably aren’t colleging right.

But once the anxiety of post-midterm begins to trickle off, you are gasping for a revival, and lo-and-behold! One is presented to you.

While back in your hometown, you may visit old friends, sleep all day, perhaps discover your parents are actually funny (or perhaps not, in most cases), maybe even play with your younger siblings – until they start biting. And once you are getting just enough of everything, you’re whisked away back to “new home” and find yourself alive and well and happy to be back at good old CNU.

You begin to discover the small joys that were lacking before. The grass is greener – literally, because they worked some voodoo magic on it while you were away – and sun shines with just a little more splendor than it did before. The leaves are actually turning yellow, something you’ve missed from back home in NoVA. (Which, face it, most of us are. Sorry, Richmond.)  And the air, oh yes the air; it’s filled with brisk richness and a quality of cold not found elsewhere.

Your classes will seem easier – you know those eccentric teacher ways now and how to respond. Your room will be cleaner (that’s new), so don’t let it falter! Picking up classes and keeping your room tidy are two very important aspects of successful studying, and now that you’re back you’re going to have to fight to keep those good habits up! And yes, I did just say a clean room will affect your studying. Nobody likes to concentrate with eyesores and clutter in their way. It’ll make your mid-mornings, lazy afternoons and work-nights all easier.

You may lapse in the beginning, but come back! Keep fighting, keep fighting, keep fighting. Because if you can maintain order in those crucial few weeks after fall break, you’ll have a golden set of habits to continue throughout the semester at CNU.

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