Break Magic

With fall break just around the corner, I figured I’d write about some of the best parts of college – being away from college. Breaks are a crucial part of everyone’s college experience and actually serve as specific moments that help you remember what happened first semester junior year (Oh yeah! That fall break I had the flu and re-watched “Lord of the Rings” for four days straight!).  There are three keys to a successful break:

  1. How much money you have/are your parents involved or helping you out
  2. Who is willing to spend an extended period of time with you outside of the forced academic environment
  3. Do you actually have the ability to have fun (This is truly not a joke – if your professor assigned a 20-page paper due the day you get back from break, that sucker is going to be on your mind the whole dang time!)

If you are able to say yes and have a great companion, then you are in for a real treat. Because college breaks are not like the breaks you have in high school … obviously. Basically the mentality of break goes something like this – “OMG WAIT. WAIT. I don’t have to be in the library for another 13 hours?! I can see the sunlight?! I have time to shower! I can’t wait to see what my roommate looks like – it’s like meeting someone all over again! Where’s my drink with the pink umbrella? *proceeds to sleep for 16 hours*

My personal favorite break was Spring Break 2012. Epic location: Disney World. For some people, Disney World gets old at the age of 10 or they never like it to begin with – to that I say, “You don’t understand! THE MAGIC IS INSIDE YOU.” My older brother and I still feel like we are eight years old when going into the Muppet Theater (Fozzie Bear dressed as Henry VIII, ftw), and on this vacation it wasn’t any different, it was just far better because my best friend and roommate, Micaela, came with us. Thus, the three keys to a successful break were filled: Finances (thanks, mom and dad, for loving Disney!), Individual spending time with you (we’ve lived together at CNU for four years now – that girl can seriously put up with anything), and Ability to Have Fun (DISNEY WORLD, PEOPLE).

Breaks are extremely different once the real world hits … or so I hear. I have yet to enter it and still refuse to believe it actually exists; therefore, making the most of your vacations is crucial. Unless you are sick. But that’s when you are nursed back to health with Disney films (almost as good as the place). What’s great about CNU is that the professors understand and love these breaks just as much as the students, so you normally will not have a 20-page paper due when you get back. If you do, I apologize in advance and advise you to just knock that thing out ahead of time! So remember to kick back and relax!

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