100 Days ’till the Tassel Turns

Friday, February 3 marked a very important day for the Class of 2017, only 100 days left until we would be walking across the stage in our caps and gowns. To celebrate this monumental countdown, Class Council and the Office of Alumni Relations teamed up to put on a roaring ’20s-themed event to celebrate.

Transforming the Ballroom into a 1920’s speakeasy, seniors came clad in fringe and pinned curls making it seem as though we were really celebrating with Scott Fitzgerald’s J. Gatsby himself. Candelabras, art deco designs and a live swing band help to set the mood even further. 

A “sweet-easy” display of cupcakes and sweets satisfied attendees’ sweet tooth while dips and appetizers kept students happy while they waited to get signature cocktails. The bee’s knees and mint juleps were two specialty drinks we could enjoy with our drink tickets.

Seniors enjoyed remarks from Baxter Vendrick of the Office of Alumni Relations and senior class president Nora Huston and continued to dance the night away to a mix of current songs and live music from a swing band. While some seniors may feel nostalgic about their time coming to an end at Christopher Newport, the evening was full of smiles, laughs, and lots and lots of pictures.

Seniors can look forward to Commencement 101 in the upcoming weeks as the countdown begins to graduation 2017.

What 4 Students Think About Having a Roommate

A big part of college that no one really knows how to prepare for is moving in with someone. Whether you’ve lived with a sibling your whole life or always had a room to yourself, moving into college with someone you don’t know can be a scary and exciting experience. I asked five students how they felt about the process.


Q: Have you lived with a roommate before?

A: No, I have not. First time doing this.

Q: What were your initial thoughts on moving in with someone at college?

A: I was worried that I wouldn’t like their living tendencies. That was my biggest concern.

Q: What is the best part about having a roommate?

A: Having some to talk to, really. Having someone to confide in, someone to bounce ideas off of if I’m having issues writing a paper. Also, you’ve just got your best bud to just walk around with.

Q: What is the worst part about having a roommate?

A: If your sleep schedules don’t align for the next day, sometimes it can really suck. 

Q: Do you have any advice to incoming freshman about living with a roommate?

A: Establish some ground rules early on, but like don’t be afraid to talk to them if there are issues. More than likely, you’ll be able to work out something.


Q: Have you lived with a roommate before?

A: I have lived with my sister, we shared a room, so I had been used to living with someone, but not really a total stranger, so yes and no.

Q: What were your initial thoughts on moving in with someone at college?

A: I was hoping that we could be friends and live together well, and you know I’m pretty laid back so I was just hoping we’d get along for the most part.

Q: What is the best part about having a roommate?

A: Having a built-in friend. If you get along with your roommate you’re always together and you can like talk about your problems and be like “Hey, you want dinner?” then you’re not, you know, that awkward kid who sits alone at every meal.

Q: What is the worst part about having a roommate?

A: If your lifestyles do not match. I’ve actually had one roommate before my current one, and we did not have the same lifestyle at all. We did not have the same personality so it didn’t work out, but I was able to switch and luckily get one that fits me much better and we’re best friends now.

Q: Do you have any advice to incoming freshmen about living with a roommate?

A: Take your roommate agreement seriously, because I know you think you’re going to be best friends and have no issues, but it could end up that you’re going to have them, so just like keep an open mind and make sure you communicate because honestly being passive aggressive is the worst thing. Been there, done it, don’t do it. 


Q: Have you lived with a roommate before?

A: I lived with a roommate over Slap Week, but other than that and my brother, that’s it.

Q: What were your initial thoughts on moving in with someone at college?

A: Well I actually got to choose my roommate because I knew him before I came to college, but I didn’t really know him that well, so I just went in with an open mind.

Q: What is the best part about having a roommate?

A: The best part is probably my roommate himself, because he and I get along very well. I know that after a long day I can come back here and he’ll be there for me and if I ever need anything, well he’s there for me. All I have to do is go back to my room.

Q: What is the worst part about having a roommate?

A: Having to have tough conversations sometimes. 

Q: Do you have any advice to incoming freshmen about living with a roommate?

A: Just go in with an open mind. It’s not as bad as people make it out to be.



Q: Have you lived with a roommate before?

A: It’s like way back, but back in elementary school until third grade I shared a room with my younger brother. As my 10th birthday gift in fourth grade my parents moved him into the room next to me and converted it to a room just for me.

Q: What were your initial thoughts on moving in with someone at college?

A: At first I had no idea who my roommate was because he goes by his middle name instead of his first name which was in the email that I got sent from the school when they said we were roommates. So I spent like a solid 20 minutes trying to look for him on social media and such, and his name wasn’t even popping up so I was like is this guy even real? There were all those normal fears, like I’ve seen all those college movies and heard stories from friends who have graduated college.

Q: What is the best part about having a roommate?

A: It’s good future practice for living with people in the future because as soon as you get out of college you’re probably going to move into an apartment and be very close with people. It’s also like getting to live with a really good friend.

Q: What is the worst part about having a roommate?

A: When we don’t have enough fridge-space.

Q: Do you have any advice to incoming freshmen about living with a roommate?

A: Don’t assume the worst because then that will just lead to you having negative expectations. Try to have an open mind going in, like always try to have an optimistic viewpoint.

What 5 Students Think About Sorority Recruitment

Every spring, many motivated ladies go through the process of formal sorority recruitment in hopes of joining a sorority. Here are the thoughts of five students who experienced it firsthand.

Student 1: Abby

Q: Why did you decide to go through formal recruitment?

A: Initially, I signed up because everyone else was and I felt kind of left out. But I think after going through the process that I wanted people to push me out of my comfort zone and my introverted self.

Q: What were your overall thoughts about the process of formal recruitment?

A: It was extremely overwhelming but it was ultimately very rewarding in the sense that I think I gained a lot of interview skills and talking skills and it was really nice to meet new people even though it was a lot.

Q: Do you have any advice for people who are planning on doing formal recruitment next academic year?

A: My advice would be to definitely keep an open mind and don’t come in with stereotypes or thoughts regarding different sororities because you don’t know what is going to happen. You can’t be upset about something because everything is going to happen the way it was meant to happen.

Student 2: Victoria 

Q: Why did you decide to go through formal recruitment?

A: I really wanted to be in a sorority, and my sister is in a sorority at a different school, and she loved it and convinced me to go through it.

Q: What were your overall thoughts about the process?

A: I loved it, it was so much fun! It was really long and I was really tired, but overall I really liked how it was set up.

Q: Do you have any advice for people who are planning on doing formal recruitment next academic year?

A: Make sure you pack snacks, because I was really hungry.

Student 3: Sarah

Q: Why did you decide to go through formal recruitment?

A: By the end of the first semester I still felt like I hadn’t really found my place at Christopher Newport. I had made wonderful friends, but I hadn’t been as involved as I wished to be, and I wanted to be (as cheesy as it sounds) a part of something bigger than myself.

Q: What were your overall thoughts about the process?

A: The weekend was incredibly stressful, but looking back it was totally worth it. There were long hours and it was a bit overwhelming at times, but overall it was a one-of-a-kind experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Q: Do you have any advice for people who are planning on doing it next year?

A: Try as best you can to relax and be yourself. You are going to talk to a lot of women and you might not connect with every single one, but don’t give up! Also, try to go in with an open mind and give each sorority a fair chance, you may find your home in a place you never thought to look.

Student 4: Svetlana

Q: Why did you decide to go through formal recruitment?

A: To get more involved on campus, to meet friends and best friends and family.

Q: What were your overall thoughts about the process?

A: It was long and stressful and crazy, but it was really fun.

Q: Do you have any advice for people who are planning on doing formal recruitment next academic year?

A: Don’t stress too much about it. Whatever happens happens!

Student 5: Cydney

Q: Why did you decide to go through formal recruitment?

A: I wanted to get closer to a lot of the people I was around, I wanted to get more involved and more integrated into the campus.

Q: What were your overall thoughts about the process?

A: I thought it fun. I thought it was indescribable like you honestly can’t describe it properly until you go through it. I thought it was really fun, really energetic. It was long but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Q: Do you have any advice for people who are planning on doing formal recruitment next academic year?

A: When they say “trust the system” they really do mean it. You’re going to end up where you’re supposed to be. The first day, if you don’t know where you’re supposed to be, it’s fine! As you go through the weekend, it will become clear.

College Relationships

College relationships. They’re fun, complicated, fleeting and sometimes, just sometimes, they’re the “one.” With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching you may find yourself stressing to find a valentine, you’re running away from prospective lovers, or planning your own Valentine’s Day festivities with an established love. Love in college is a unique spectacle. There are the couples who are attached at the hip walking across the Great Lawn, the couples you question if they are still dating because they’re so independent, the high school sweethearts, the hallmates, the junior-freshman combos, the power couple of the Office of Student Activities and the list just goes on and on.

Image result for valentines day

For me personally, I am in a long-distance relationship with someone who doesn’t attend CNU. He’s in North Carolina about four hours away from me. This obviously is a little more difficult of a relationship to have during college. The distance can put some strains on things and we don’t always have time to sit and talk on the phone for hours with our different lifestyles. But! We do plan constant trips to see each other and mini weekend vacations to different cities in Southern Virginia and Northeastern North Carolina. I will say one big benefit of dating long distance is that he’s never here to distract me from my studies! During the week I have time for myself, school and friends, which helps to balance all of the things that are important to me.

Another common type of relationship I’ve seen on campus has been the welcome week meet up. I’m going to be 100 percent honest: welcome week will be the most fun you’ve ever had in college IF you leave your dorm room and go meet people. It doesn’t have to be party hopping it can be as simple as going to the gym or a school sponsored event. While you’re out getting to know people you’ll probably meet some of your best friends and maybe even your significant other. I know a lot of people who met welcome week and have been together ever since. This is kind of cool because they are building college memories together.

A third type of relationship common at CNU is the love from back home. Some high school sweethearts attend college together at CNU while others attend separate schools. While these can be possible long-distance or short-distance relationships if one goes to another school, these type of relationships seem to be rock-solid. Having already been together for three or four years, these couples know everything about each other but still maintain their own sense of independence when it comes to their college years. It’s really cool to see these couples last until senior year of college and beyond! Image result for valentines day candy

Regardless of if you’ve been in a relationship for years, weeks, days or never, college is all about having fun and making the most of your time. This Valentine’s Day surround yourself with those who make you happiest. If that’s a boyfriend or girlfriend, awesome! If not, grab your galentines or your bromance and pass the cheap candy hearts!

Miss Independent

This past week I found myself sitting in the lobby of Pep Boys for a few hours, waiting for my car to be serviced so I could find out why different lights had been coming on when I start my car. Planning to take a few road trips in the following weeks, I wanted to make sure my car wouldn’t quit on me as I was driving down the interstate. Forty dollars and two-and-a-half hours later, I was told that my car was fine. I was already at a car store and in need of new wipers. As I was staring at the wipers I called my dad to try to figure out what my car needed. Trying to look like I knew what I was doing, I picked up a couple different wipers and looked them over. My attempt to look like I knew what I was doing failed and a nice grandpa who worked at the store helped look up my car’s needs. One 19″ wiper and one 22″ wiper and I was headed back to campus.

My father had told me that if you purchase the wipers they would install them for you, but I was determined to install them on my own. After all, the last time my windshield wipers were replaced was when my dad and I did them in August. Once I started to attempt to take the current wipers off I remembered that this wasn’t an easy task, and then I felt really overwhelmed at the task I had just given myself.

Cold and windy, my hands were stiff and I was blindly trying to switch out the wipers. The directions on the package didn’t help and my two attempts for help were also clueless. Alas, after about 20 minutes of self-questioning and prayers that I wasn’t going to break my car, I had successfully changed my windshield wipers. To some, changing your windshield wipers may be simple, but for me, it was a task! College is about learning, studies and how to be an adult. If there’s only one thing I learned in college it may be to have the mechanic install your wipers for free,  but I like to think of myself as strong independent women who can do that herself.

The Day Must Go On

Christopher Newport University has a beautiful, well manicured campus.The weather, however is a little less well manicured. We’ve recently had some chilly rainy days (very normal for any winter day) but as a college student there isn’t really an opportunity to stay in bed on those cold days. Here are some motivations that make getting up and going on a cloudy chilly day worth while!

  • Classes with Friends
    • The great thing about smaller classes means that you get to know those in your classes. The best part is I have found that these peers, as the semester progresses, become friends.
  • 12:00 Lunch
    • My friends and I have a daily tradition of all meeting in the dining hall at noon everyday to have a meal together. This is a great way to have fun during a normal day!
  • Einstein Pick Me Up
    • There is nothing better than a caffeine pick me up. From the seasonal to the traditional drinks, there’s no way to go wrong.
  • Group Exercise Classes
    • The Freeman Center offers a variety of daily group exercise classes. This makes going to the gym even more fun and allows for friends to tag along with you.
  • Check the daily email for different events
    • As a Christopher Newport student, we are sent a daily email of the goings on of the campus. So no matter what, there will always be something on campus to attend!

Although tempting to stay in bed when the wind howls and your bed is just all too comfortable, getting up and going to class, lunch, the gym, Einstein’s, or an on-campus event are the perfect solution to a very motive-limited day!

Home Sweet Christopher Newport

I have just begun the second semester of my junior year! Quite honestly I have never felt more at home at Christopher Newport University than I do now. Looking back, I’ve realized that I began referring to going back to school as “going back home” as early as my freshman year. Don’t get me wrong, I love being home–home its where I can rest, relax and re-energize with friends and family in between semesters.

I have pretty much lived in the same house my entire life and I knew almost everyone I went to high school with because for the most part, they lived in the same house for their entire lives too. Familiarity is what I loved so much about being home and was also what I was most nervous about coming to Christopher Newport. Now, three years into it, I consider myself to have dual homes. My first home is where my family is, where I go to on breaks, where friends from Christopher Newport intercept me on our own travel plans on breaks. My second home is where Christopher Newport is because it is where my life-long friends are, where I’ve met challenges and have come out stronger and more able than ever.

I spent almost 18 years calling Northern Virginia home and now, in three short years Christopher Newport has become home too. As I’m attempting to pen all the many reasons why Christopher Newport is home to me, I’m realizing that it has been in the details. Those little details are things like becoming best friends with my freshman year roommate, becoming involved in campus activities, having professors get to know me as me, attempting to make it to as many on campus speakers, seeing broadway shows at the Ferguson Center of the Arts (at a discounted student price!), always having the opportunity to say hello to someone as I walk to class, speaking with President Trible when he’s on campus, knowing my peers and professors in class, and last but certainly not least (or even last for that matter, just have to end my list somewhere) the incredible opportunities I’ve been given as a Christopher Newport student that I would not have elsewhere.

Christopher Newport is a special place. It is home to me and my friends, I know that even after graduating it will always have a nostalgic sense of home. As I have come to realize in these last three years, I have understood how hard it is to move and make where you live feel like home. Making school feel like home wasn’t really by my force it was the atmosphere of this school, the equal opportunities it has for its students and the faculty and staff that make Christopher Newport feel like home-home.


Post Recruitment Feelings

Image may contain: boat, sky, ocean, outdoor, water and nature

If you’ve been on Christopher Newport’s campus recently or just this past weekend you may have seen flocks of girls cycling from the Freeman, to the DSU, to the New Greek Village. These larger-than-usual packs of girls were participating in Panhellenic formal recruitment. This is when all seven of our sororities on campus host rounds to showcase their philanthropies and sisterhoods. Potential new members met with each sorority Friday night and over the course of Saturday and Sunday morning narrowed down their preferences.

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and outdoor

For many students, and not just those going through recruitment, bid day is the best day. Bid day is when the girls going through formal recruitment receive their bids and then physically run home to their new sisterhood.  Bid day was held in the Freeman Fieldhouse for the second year in a row and was packed with sorority girls clad in gold leggings (a popular trend this year), glitter and face paint. The stands and leftover standing room was filled with fraternity men, friends, staff and curious spectators. A very overwhelming day, Bid day is filled with lots of tears, laughs, hugs and regrettably a few trips.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, basketball court

As a senior who just ran ( I was in charge of my sorority’s recruitment) and went through her last recruitment, it’s a bittersweet moment as all things senior year are. Not only was I emotional over the four years I’ve gotten to experience Greek life but thinking back on all the memories I have made at CNU and through my sorority had me feeling very grateful.  However, after welcoming home our new members I have a new-found hope. These girls are going to carry on the legacy I helped to shape and advance, these girls are the future of the organization I have come to love and call home. It’s exciting to be standing on the end and seeing these girls coming in wide-eyed and bushy-tailed. While I would change places with them in a heartbeat I know there’s so much for them to come.

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling

While I start to pursue post-graduate options rather than possible littles I know my time in the collegiate chapter is coming to an end, However, I will be forever in debt to my sisters for their constant love, support, motivation and laughs. Regardless of what letters you wear, joining a sisterhood is one of the greatest decisions you’ll make. As you grow in the organization and finish your schooling you’ll be blind to all that it gives you, until you’ve reached your senior year and look back on your successes and downfalls. You’ll know then that without your sisterhood you wouldn’t understand how you made it through everything. To all of the girls who just went through Recruitment congratulations and welcome to the Panhellenic sisterhood. To those who have been Greek for some time don’t forget to really soak up your time with sisters and reflect periodically. To the seniors on their final lap take advantage of everything you have left, sign up for intramurals, volunteer to sing a cappella, study all night with sisters, this time next year we’ll be without them and wishing we could repeat those things the most.

Go Greek and make a change in your life.