Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a huge part of the college experience here at Christopher Newport University. Most students study abroad between the summer after their freshman and the start of their junior years. There are so many different programs to choose from and the Study Abroad office will help you with your decision and pairing you up with a program that is ideal for you.

You get so many benefits from studying abroad, such as the following:

  • Explore new countries
  • Learn about different cultures
  • Meet people from all over the world
  • Live in a foreign country for months
  • May become a study abroad ambassador

These are just a few of the benefits. There are many more. You may be wondering, “what is a study abroad ambassador?” This is a job that you may apply for at the Study Abroad office. Typically, the office hires students who have already studied abroad. As a student ambassador you will help other students find the right program for them, share your experience with others and encourage students to study abroad.

I did a summer study abroad program for fashion design in Milan, Italy. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I met people from so many different countries, traveled on the weekends and even met family who live in Milan! I believe that studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I suggest that you go ahead and do it while you are still young and in college! Trust me, you will not regret it.

Weather in Newport News

As you may know, Christopher Newport University is located in Southeastern Virginia. This means beaches, rivers and warmer weather. Winter in Newport News is not as bad as other parts of Virginia, especially the north. It is usually 10 degrees warmer down here than it is up in Northern Virginia. I cannot complain about that!

The warm weather here in Newport News allows us to do so many outdoor activities. We can go to beaches nearby or even sit on the Great Lawn and do schoolwork or just relax while taking a break from school. Sitting on the Great Lawn is almost as great as going to the beach because of the wonderful view of the buildings here on campus, especially Christopher Newport Hall.

Newport News also has its rainy days! So, a rain coat and rain boots are a must when you are a student here. All in all, the weather in Newport News tends to be warmer than cities in Northern Virginia.

Service in Greek Life

Greek life here at Christopher Newport University is not all about socializing and making new friends. Service is a big role for each member of a fraternity or a sorority. As I walk around campus, I am constantly seeing flyers and other sorts of announcements for events being hosted by a fraternity or sorority on campus. They hold these events in order to raise money for their partnering organizations or other causes.

Some events held on campus are Gamma Phi Beta’s Best Dance Crew, Alpha Phi’s Red Dress Gala, Zeta Tau Alpha’s Pink-Out during a basketball game, and many more. If a big event is being held, the organizations set up fundraisers with local restaurants and a portion of the proceeds go toward their cause. All of these events have proven to be successful, which is why they have become an annual thing.

Next time you are on campus during one of these events, I would recommend you check them out!

Christopher Newport Mornings

There’s nothing quite like waking up for your 8 a.m.. Usually, it’s not too great. Though, thankfully, Christopher Newport has tons of great things for you to fill your day with and a lot of ways to start right in the morning!

  1. Breakfast. The most important meal of the day, and yet, most people forget all about it. Breakfast food is brain food, it’ll have your body feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. Whether it’s a bowl of cereal and an apple or a full buffet from one of the dining halls, a breakfast is an excellent way to ensure a terrific morning.
  2. Schedule appointments: Waking up early means you have more time in your day to use. Utilize this by scheduling appointments with your professors. Even if you have a B in class, it could be an A! So get together with your professors and talk about what you can improve on in the class.
  3. Finishing class early: Plus, of course, there’s the benefit of being done with all your classes early if you schedule them in the morning. It’s an awesome feeling for it to be noon and you’re done with classes for the rest of the day. You’ll have to get to sleep earlier to ensure a good night’s rest for your morning classes, but the benefits are well worth the cost!

A Bad Day at Christopher Newport

A bad day at Christopher Newport is still a pretty good day. Whether you’ve got troubles with your significant other, a bad grade on a test or the sky was just a little gray, Christopher Newport has your back. There are so many resources available at Christopher Newport to ensure your social and emotional success. Of course, your friends are a primary one, but there are many other outlets to vent your feelings to and discuss your problems.

The first, and most immediate option, is your RA. Your RA (resident assistant) lives on your hall with you and is an aid to any problem you may have. This includes social, academic as well as just everyday issues. They are a resource, so be sure to use them. In addition, they can also point you in the direction of more professional help if need be.

Christopher Newport has a great counseling staff that is flexible to your schedule. These people are here to help you through your college years and put your mind at ease in regards to any stressors you may have in your life. Your RA may also point you in the direction of a tutor. The Center for Academic Success has tutors for every major and can even put you in contact with someone who took the same class as you are. There are so many options for help at Christopher Newport. So if you have a bad day, don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Your Department

There are many academic departments at Christopher Newport. All of which are committed to the student to ensure we are able to achieve all we are capable of within their field of choice. Among these are Economics, Theater and Dance, Leadership and American Studies, History, Mathematics, Communications, and many more.

If you need extra help with a class and your professor is unable to hold office hours, you can contact your department. This is as easy as walking into the academic building that houses your department and asking to speak with someone. Without doubt, you will be led to a professor who is holding office hours and can help answer all of your questions. Whether it’s an assignment question, essay review, inquiries about the major or study abroad opportunities, all members of your department will be able to help.

Last semester, my communication professor had a very busy week and could not hold office hours. So, instead, I went to another professor within the department that teaches the same class, and I was able to get great answers for all the questions I had. At Christopher Newport, we’re a community. There is never just one person helping you, there is a whole wealth of people eager to answer your questions and guide you towards success.

How to Survive Rainy Days at CNU

Here in Newport News, despite the regularly lovely weather, it often rains. So here’s a list of things that we do to make those rainy days a lot less gloomy.

  1. Strap on your rain boots! With a pair of rain boots to protect you from the water, you’re practically invincible. You go from dodging puddles to strutting across campus like it’s nobody’s business. There’s nothing more pleasant than hopping into a puddle like you’re seven again!
  2. Grab a coffee from Einstein’s. There’s nothing more relaxing than spending an hour in the library with a grande white chocolate mocha in your hand. Make it a date and catch up with friends while enjoying the warmth!
  3. Make it a study day. We all know that sometimes it’s far too easy to fall behind on work. When you can’t enjoy the sunshine out on the Great Lawn, you might as well go ahead and finish some homework! Cuddle up with a blanket and hit the books.
  4. If you read number three and said “Yeah, no. Definitely not doing that,” then why not curl up with your laptop and enjoy a good Netflix binge instead? Grab some popcorn and a few friends and catch up on “Stranger Things!”

There are tons of ways to enjoy our beautiful campus no matter the weather! So go ahead, enjoy the rain!

Alpha Psi Omega

Alpha Psi Omega (APO) is currently in the process of inducting our newest members. APO is a national theater honor society. You don’t have to be a theater major to join. All you need is a friendly attitude and a love for theater!

Rush week is an amazing bonding experience for members and prospective members. We complete a week-long series of games and activities in order to get to know the new recruits and let them know what APO is all about! This week includes four nights of fun: game night, trivia night, set-building night and, finally, an ice cream scavenger hunt! These events are exciting ways to get to know the members and forge new bonds, as well as adding to the sense of the CNU community as a whole.

Yoga at CNU

Classes can get stressful. This is not a secret of college life. We, as students, are often handling a lot of stuff at once. Often, it is a lot of great things at once. Even though you fill your calendar with enjoyable classes and clubs, it can still get overwhelming from time to time. Because of this busy schedule, I know that I can usually forget to take some time for myself.

An important part of mental wellness is to take time for yourself. One of the things I do to overcome the stress is yoga. The Trieshmann Health and Fitness Pavilion, located in the Freeman Center, offers many different fitness classes such as kickboxing, yoga, Pilates and more. My favorite is yoga. It is a chance to just focus on yourself. We breathe all day, but we never stop to pay attention to our breath and how we are feeling on that day. Yoga allows for an hour out of your day to stop and breathe. It is a chance to better your physical and mental wellness which is highly important as a college student.

My favorite part of the session is after you stretch and work when your yoga instructor directs you into the savasana pose. This is a pose where you lay down and work to keep your mind conscious while relaxing your entire body. It is the most refreshing thing about my day and it does wonders for the mind. If yoga is not your thing, I highly recommend finding something that refreshes your mind amidst the enjoyable chaos of college.

Introverts and Extroverts

Often times, people can be separated into the dichotomy of extroverts and introverts. Christopher Newport has an abundance of opportunities for both introverts and extroverts.

Extroverts will happily find a place in one of the many social groups on campus, such as the Campus Activities Board, wherein students plan fun activities for the Christopher Newport community; Greek life; or a service club dedicated to spending time with others. In addition, you can always spend time in the Crow’s Nest, located in the David Student Union, to have fun with your friends. There’s always somewhere to go where you can find lots of people eager to share a conversation.

Introverts also have many options to choose from. There are tons of quiet places on campus where you can relax and be with your thoughts. Whether it’s the library, Einstein’s cafe or one of the study rooms that can be found on every floor of every residence hall. And, of course, there are plenty of beautiful places to walk through outside that can be the perfect backdrop to a peaceful evening alone.

Of course, things aren’t always so black and white. Sometimes you may want to be with lots of friends and other times be by yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you are an extrovert or introvert all the time, or some of the time, you will find a home at Christopher Newport!