Summer Classes

Students may choose to stay on campus a little longer and into the summer to take classes. There are several reasons for why this is done. Some of us may just want to be ahead and get some classes we need for our major out of the way so we can have more time during the actual academic year. Others may be a little behind on their progress toward graduation, possibly because of a change in major or taking a semester off.

Taking summer classes while in college is not the same as doing it in elementary or middle school. The first thing people may think of when they hear “summer school” is bad grades or failure. However, that is not the case here at college.

Taking summer classes is a great way to open up our academic year schedule to more opportunities. That may include jobs, internships, volunteering and social time because everyone needs a little relaxation. As far as housing and meal plans, they work the same as regular semesters. There are many things to do in the area during our free time, such as going to the beach, the Virginia Living Museum, the Mariners’ Museum, Busch Gardens and more!

Working While Being a Full-Time Student

Some of you may be wondering, “Will I have enough time to balance school and work?” The answer is, yes. Hearing the word “work” may frighten you and get you thinking that your job will require you to work many hours and constantly be occupied by it. However, there are several on-campus jobs that will do the opposite. The employers here on campus are very understanding of our school schedules and that we are currently focused on getting our degree.

A great thing about being a student employee is there is a wide range of different jobs you can get on campus. You could have a more relaxed work area where you are allowed to get schoolwork done while working or you could work in something where you will get more experience in the field that you are interested in going into.

Some jobs that are offered on campus are being a barista at Einstein’s Cafe, a tutor, working with events staff, the admissions office and more. Some jobs may lead to a position as an intern and others may hire you as an intern right off the bat. Another job opportunity that CNU offers its students is an internship with the Center for Career Planning (CCP). Students benefit so much from this internship because they learn a lot about what the CCP does. Using their knowledge of career planning, they help their peers and themselves. This gives them a better outlook while searching for jobs. These are all great things to put on resumes.

All in all, the jobs that Christopher Newport University offers us leaves us with a remarkable experience and values that we will take with us as we begin working in the field we are pursuing.

Career Fair

Every year, Christopher Newport University’s Center for Career Planning (CCP) hosts a career fair during both the fall and spring semesters. A large number of organizations and graduate schools are invited to the event. This is a great way for students to network and potentially find an internship or a full-time job.

The CCP recommend that we look over the list of organizations and graduate schools attending prior to going to the career fair. A helpful tip is to make a list of the top organizations or schools you are interested in and to talk to a representative of each one. It is important to make yourself stand out because, remember, that representative could be your employer.

Professional dress is required and it is important to have copies of your resume to give to each representative of the organizations you are interested in. The CCP holds other events throughout the semester to prepare you for the career fair. You will receive help on your resume and practice interview skills. Their famous quote around campus is “You get jobs by talking to people.” So, go on out to the career fair to learn about organizations and graduate schools that you may be interested in!

Signing Day

Christopher Newport University is a school with many wonderful traditions. One of them is the annual Signing Day. Every year, students in the sophomore class are invited to gather for this celebration as they officially declare their major.

Although we sign and declare a major, we are still able to switch it if we decide it is not the right one for us. Signing Day is more of a tradition of bringing all of us together in sharing the excitement of what career paths we are choosing to take. It is a great way to take a little break from the stress of classes, dress up, take pictures and continue enjoying this new chapter in life.

This is probably one of my favorite memories here at CNU because of the meaning behind it. Through the process, we are making an important life decision. We are declaring a major. This is what we plan to do in our career path. It was great having my friends with me and seeing us all support each other with the big decision we had just made. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience, so make the best of it!

Finding a Roommate

Going into Christopher Newport University as a freshman in 2015 I was not worried at all about who my roommate would be. I, like many others, chose to be assigned a random roommate. Some choose to find a potential roommate through the Facebook pages that are created for each graduating class.

There are pros and cons to each of the ways of going about it. From my personal experience, I am glad I chose to go in random because my two roommates and I got along well and so did my friends and their roommates. Funny, huh? Three girls sharing a small room and no problems at all. I came to realize that CNU Housing did a great job pairing people up.

I believe that it could be a disappointment if you find someone to be your roommate and things do not go well while living together. Sometimes it is also better to not live with your best friends because of the risk of it affecting your friendship. If you are looking to request a roommate I suggest posting on the class page of your graduating year on Facebook. A typical post when searching for a roommate includes a brief introduction about yourself, your major, interests, hobbies and a few other fun things that you think your potential roommate should know about you.

Another way of finding the right person is by talking to people when attending events that CNU holds for accepted students. This may be the best way because you are actually interacting with the person face to face and not through a computer screen. Whichever way you decide to go about it, I can assure you that it will all work out.

How to Save Money on Textbooks

The cost of textbooks can be unreasonably high sometimes. I know most of us are thankful when our professors post the textbook readings online because it saves us some (a lot) of money. However, if you are the kind of person who prefers reading from an actual book and not a screen then you may have another option of doing so without purchasing the books.

Some professors put their required textbooks on reserve at the Trible Library. Usually, the professor will announce this to the class during syllabus week. If you choose to check out the book from the library all you have to do is go to the circulation desk, which is located on the first floor by the main entrance. The student employee will ask what the course number is and your professor’s last name. That is all the information you need in order to check out textbooks.

The check out time is for two hours, but if you need it for longer than that you can go back to the circulation desk and reserve it for two more hours. Many students use this alternative way for having access to their course textbooks because it isĀ free.

Choosing a Major

Deciding what major is right for you is not always the easiest thing to do. There are several factors you need to think about when making the decision. It is important that in the end, after all the hard years of studying, you are doing what you love and enjoy.

A helpful resource for deciding what to major in is the Center for Career Planning. They offer several assessments that will give you an idea of what might be right for you. My experience with deciding the right major for me has been rough, but thankfully after all the confusion of what I really want to do, I have finally declared my major and minor with the advice of professors and the Center for Career Planning.

If you are struggling with your decision, I also recommend you do research! It is important to have a good amount of knowledge about the major you are leaning toward. You should research what types of jobs you could have with a degree in that specific major. You should research salaries if that is a big factor in your decision-making as well.

It is OK to switch your major in college. Generally, the first few semesters are spent taking general classes to fulfill the area of inquiry. Throughout that time, some students discover what they are called to study. In the end, the most important thing is doing something that you love and truly see yourself doing.

Holiday Traditions

Christopher Newport University is a school full of spirit. With the winter holidays approaching, the annual tradition here at CNU is coming up. Every year, CNU hosts a concert called Holiday Happening and the Lighting of the Lawn. Students perform at Holiday Happening, but it is open to the public.

As soon as Holiday Happening is over, students, their families and the community may head on over to the Great Lawn for a celebration. First, there is a countdown and the tree is lit up with some fireworks in the background. Trust me, the tree with Christopher Newport Hall in the background is a beautiful view, perfect for some pictures with your friends and family! There are so many fun activities to participate in. These activities make you feel like you are in the North Pole and they include festive holiday music, photos with Santa, crafts, vendors and food trucks. Free photos with Santa? That is something you definitely do not want to miss out on!

You might want to take a break from the craziness of the last two weeks before finals, so mark your calendars for next year and have some holiday spirit with the Christopher Newport community!

Preparing for Finals Week

We are coming up on finals week, what is said to be the most stressful time of the semester. We all focus on getting last-minute assignments done and study as much as we can for our exams. However, it is important to remember to always take breaks. Honestly, I am guilty of once being one of those students who refuses to take breaks because I need all the time I have to study. It got very tiring.

It is important to sometimes sit back and relax. Your brain could only take in so much information in one sitting. Yes, there is such a thing as over-studying. I have reached points where I have studied for too long, went over the same material multiple times, and ended up forgetting some of the material that I had just gone over because I was just so tired.

Some things you can do to relax are hang out with your friends, get coffee or a pastry at Einstein’s Cafe, go out for food or even watch some Netflix. You can never go wrong with staying in and watching Netflix! Also, the most important is sleep, sleep and sleep! We all need to make sure we get enough rest, especially during exam week. Without a good night’s sleep, it could be hard to concentrate while taking exams and that could really affect our grades. Do not stress, winter break is almost here!

Beach Trips While in School

There is a lot more to Christopher Newport University than just laying on the Great Lawn or watching the sunset at the Lion’s Gate Bridge. Because of its location on the Peninsula, we Captains have access to several beaches nearby. Some of you may be thinking our only option is Virginia Beach. Nope, there is much more than that! Some smaller beaches nearby are Buckroe Beach, located in Hampton, Yorktown Beach and Huntington Beach in Newport News.

The one that most CNU students choose to go to is Buckroe Beach. Personally, I have gone to some of these beaches just to spend a day out in the sun and relax. I have also gone to get out of the norm and study with a nice view. If you are someone who loves history and small historic towns, Yorktown Beach is your best bet.

There are so many fun places to go to that we sometimes do not know about. Now that finals week is approaching, I suggest grabbing your study materials and heading to the beach to study on one of the warm days that is coming up. Enjoy it while the somewhat warm weather lasts!