Honor Code

Christopher Newport University has one very unique component to its community. Many schools have an honor code, but we uphold ours like no other.

Just about every day, I leave at least one of my belongings somewhere around campus, whether it’s my phone or my backpack, and every time I come back it is untouched and exactly where I left it. When I go into Regatta’s or Commons for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I normally always place my backpack and my phone down at the table where I am sitting then leave to go grab food. When I go to the library, I place my books and laptop out on the table where I plan to get my work done. If I leave to go to Einstein’s Cafe, and come back, my things are unbothered.

Sometimes it’s hard for me to remember that outside of Christopher Newport, the world does not operate the same. I cannot just go into a restaurant and leave my belongings around and be 100 percent confident they won’t get taken.

The trust that we all share with each other on this campus is something that I think gets overlooked very often. I am grateful for CNU and the honor code because it shows me that society isn’t all bad.

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